Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Email To Canadian Consulate Apprising Them Of Ilegal Gov't Actions Putting Us In Danger

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Illegal U.S. government activity has made itself apparent regarding my case. We are Highly Concerned for Our Safety and Feel Our Safety is Highly AT RISK:
(***FBI Just Caught In News Doing Illegal Activity ON 135 OCCASSIONS Exposed click:HERE AND FOR Their Illegal Activity Relevant To Our Case click HERE.)

To whom it may concern in office at Canadian Consulate Ottawa:

I have sent this email at the request of Estelle Battendier, Foreign Affairs case coordinator in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who advised we make these circumstances known to the Canadian office immediately. I wish to make the Canadian Consulate aware of some of this illegal activity: I have been wrongfully convicted (similar to an Arar case in the false framing and corruption involved)
A: Friends of mine attempting to assist me have been targeted: A threat on one answering machine warning a friend of mine to stay out of their way Voice mail messages erased- they no longer get their messages Phone lines being tapped. Complaints of clicking noises on their lines. Their email accounts being shut down (as has mine been shut down on many occasions) their passwords changed and crippling viruses received.

B: Mail from certain legal clinics attempting to assist me sabotaged en route and received by me already ripped open with the contents removed in a sealed plastic envelope from Canada post stating “We apologize for this incident” (Again, I have the hard copy proof and I have already sent pictures out to many people as such.
(UPDATE!!: A Second Incident of My Mail Being Sabotaged Occured Just Yesterday (Oct 25/06). I received my Rogers long distance bill ripped open at the center and although the contents were at least still present this time, it was clear they had been reviewed third party illegally. Clearly my long distance calling was of interest to them- they wanted to know to whom I've been speaking relating to their hyenas actions.)

C: Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) forwarded my complaint to the FBI and prosecuting attorney, without getting back to my family and I (I have the hard copy proof- it was presented to me in discovery at my “trial”

D: My “trial” was fixed: I have hard copy evidence (again, presented in the minutes of the trial and presented to me by my former attorney Robert Jones) that members and /or affiliates of FBI, NSA, MN Police, security, Northwest Airlines employees, and family of murder victims as well as other conspicuous factions laced the initial 45-member jury pool. This was not a random jury pool- it was a prepared jury pool with only one purpose – to ensure that justice was not served and that I was convicted at any and all cost.

E: A secret meeting (verified by attorney Robert Jones) between prosecuting attorney and police/ FBI on the Friday before my Monday trial, subsequent to P.O.S.T., having secretly forwarded the nuances of my complaint and my insight into their lies, such that they could lie more effectively at the trial. It was at this point that officer Cooper (who’s existence on the plane the prosecution were trying to hide until they got my document exposing my knowledge of his presence and the nuances of how they framed me) submitted a written report- some 5 months after the incident (Jan 18/ 06) and only 3 days before the trial- in conjunction with the prosecution laying the second charge.

F: A second charge was added (after almost 6 months following the laying of the initial charge) only 3 days before the trial. (This is not illegal in itself, but is in keeping with their malicious sentiment)

***G: There has also been illegal FBI surveillance at my home and I have visually id’s ***FBI officer marc Rensch.* (NEWS JUST IN!!: ***Oct.5/06 FBI have just been caught in the news doing illegal spy activity in Canada – I heard about this only this morning and felt I should include this expose in with my personal experience as poignant and evidentiary material in support of our case. ) ***I am very concerned for the safety of self and family and have been shown that they will stoop to the lowest levels of corruption, sabotage, collusion and general illegal activity in fulfilling their hidden mandate. The issues presented here are only a small portion of the deception and breeches in protocol surrounding our case though I have outlined the most prevalent herein for your review. Our contact information: Aaron James 204 474 0654 Linda James 204 632 5598

IMPORTANT NOTE: I did not mention the criminal history of the judge, Judge David S. Doty www.clr.org/fed-judges.html (see bottom of web page for his name and note the comments at top of web page- all listed have had charges imposed that have not been dismissed), or the Gestapo threats he made against us in the closing moments of the trial, at the time of this letter to the Canadian Consulate as we did not as yet, have anyone supporting or plight and there was the inhibiting factor of safety to keep in mind. As such, we were forced to sensor these details. ______________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________


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